MindSET’s Sarah Firth Succeeds in A Levels

MindSET team member Sarah Firth has received magnificent results in her A levels. She received an A* in business studies, A in mathematics, and B in physics at A2 level. This is all despite the fact she only managed to pick up three GCSEs after contracting a serious illness when she was 12. Despite being comparatively underequipped, she flourished in Hillsbrough College and has earned a place at one of Britain’s top universities.

Granted, thousands of people have received their results this past August, but why would we focus on Sarah alone?

Sarah Firth

(Special thanks to the MindSET media library for having a picture of Sarah!)

Sarah’s story reveals something very important. It shows there’s always an alternative route to your goals. If you have the will to work hard and succeed, as Sarah did from home through the help of the Northern General Hospital and home education service, there’s nothing stopping you from moving forward.

Sarah explained how Hillsbrough College worked hard to accommodate the complications her pneumonia brought. This included accepting her for study in the first place and being flexible with her appointments.

This story also attracted the attention of a number of local media outlets The Star and the Yorkshire Evening Post. Despite nearly all of them failing to print her plug for MindSET, apart from The Sheffield College news website because they’re awesome, the interest from the media illustrated a situation not a lot of students with problems will find themselves in.

For many people, such an illness would mean the end of any academic aspirations. Today, things are different and academic institutions are more receptive to people with specialist needs. Now Sarah will go on to study her degree in mathematics whilst functioning as part of the editorial team for the MindSET science section.

If you want to do something you can do it. If you’re in a situation where you have to battle illness, don’t sit back in your bed and feel sorry for yourself. Help is always available to you. Most schools and colleges will be happy to accommodate you, all you need to do is ask.

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